2S’s Narrative


Gordon and The Old Man

By 2S 

Millions of years ago there lived an evil dragon called Gordon. Gordon lived next to a happy village in the deep dark forest all by himself. Gordon would fly over the village and scare the families and breathe fire on their homes. One winter’s day a lovely old man went to the forest to collect some wood for his family to put in the fire to stay warm. Gordon heard the old man whistling and chopping and thought he might be nice for his dinner. Gordon crept up to the old man ready to pounce when his giant wings got caught in the branches of a thorny tree.  Gordon roared out in pain. He knew that he needed help but did not think anyone would help him because of the terrible things that he had done to the town. The old man heard his screams but was nervous to help such an evil creature. The old man went to Gordon and said “I will help you”. Surprised by the man’s kindness, Gordon promised to leave the town alone and the old man freed him. Gordon kept his promise and was never evil again. He and the lovely old man stayed friends forever.