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Hi 3K,


Wow, doesn’t it sound weird saying 3K instead of 2K. I just wanted to pop in and ask if you were going to still be using Frankie and Rosie as your class mascots this year? If you are could you please, please, please send them to my new school so they can meet my new grade 3 class. I promise to take photos of all the things they get up to and return them safely to you. Could you also please visit my new class blog at:


I look forward to hearing from you all.


From Mrs Martin

12 thoughts on “Questions from Mrs Martin

  1. Hi!

    We’re from Leicester, England, it’s snowing here! There is a blizzard going on outside! We’ve heard the weather in Australia at the moment is scorching, how are you all finding it? We hope you are wearing sun cream and drinking lots of fluids lol!

    We have enjoyed reading your blog so far, we are very curious and would like to know, who are Frankie and Rosie? What are they? What do your mascots do? Are they humans?

    We really look forward to hearing from you!

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Miss Martin our mascots frankie and rosie are on holidays and they are old now so now we have a toy puppy called Tommy so we will hopefully take pictures of him and send him to your class and you.
      from Zainab
      best regards

  2. Hello Mrs Martin, we miss you very much!!!! Frankie and Rosie have gone on holidays so we have Tommy at the moment our class puppy. We will put up pictures soon for you to see. How is your new class?

  3. Hi there 6EW,
    Thank you so much for writing to us! Smowing? Wow your right it is boiling here at the moment because we are in the mddle of summer still! How cold is it there? Where we live it doesnt ever snow. Frankie and Rosie are our old mascots but they have gone on holidays so we now have Tommy the puppy. Do you have a mascot?

  4. Hi Mrs Martin,
    I miss you very much. Now we have Tommy as our mascot. We still have not started but we will very soon. How is your new school? Which class are you taking this year? Reply to me soon, Harini

    • Hi Harini and the rest of 3K.
      My new school is going well although I do miss you all very much. I am teaching grade 3 this year and it is a big change from my role last year. I have 27 lovely students who are all keen to start blogging soon. I look forward to getting a visit from Tommy and showing him around my new school soon. I hope to hear from you lots this year.
      From Mrs Wolaniuk (aka Mrs Martin)

      • Hello 3A we are so happy to hear from you! You are so lucky to have Mrs W as your teacher, we miss her very much! Our new mascot is tommy he is a gorgeous little puppy who is very friendly i’m sure he will like coming to visit you all. How are you liking your new school are you having fun? We love technology we use it a lot and got a lot better at it last year thanks to Mrs W!!!!! We arent as lucky as you because we don’t have ipads we have netbooks. They are still fun though. We have a projector in our room but not a TV. Hope you are all having fun
        Love 3K

  5. Dear Mrs marten,we are not using frankie and roisie for our mascotts.We have Tommy and somebody else. Miss Marten if your hearing me I love you.

  6. To mrs v,
    yes we do have a class mascot and it’s name is Tommy,he looks like the mini pillow pet that I have but much bigger.How is your teaching going?

    from Rhea

  7. Dear 3K

    Thank you for your response, we don’t quite have a mascot, but we do have a school logo which is a squirrel because we have lots of squirrels living in the trees around the school. We would really like a class a mascot, a dog, a rabbit or even a fish! There is a little terrier dog that gets into our playground, and last week there was an African Grey parrot which landed on our roof and had to be rescued by some staff and returned to its family.
    It’s a little above freezing at the moment, we have no snow today but are expecting some over the weekend. We would love to have a heatwave! Top o’ the morning to ya guv’nor.
    From 6EW

    • Hi 6EW
      Wow a squirrel that sounds fun we don’t have a school logo and are a little jealous that you have such a good one! Those animals soubds great arent you lucky. We are boiling at the moment it is 32 degrees today and we are too hot!!! Snow would be beautiful. Great talking to you all, what are your topics for this year?

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