Persuasive Text

In our writing sessions we are learning about persuasive texts and how to structure our writing. We think that persusaive writing is to persuade or argue a case, for or against, a particular point of view. We have been dabating on all different topics such as

  • Should students wear uniforms to school?
  • Do cats make a better pet than dogs ?
  • Should chilren do all the cooking at home?
  • Are books better than TV?


If you have any opinons or arguements on these topics or have some new topics for us to debate on that would be great and let us know!!



Brand New Reading Focus

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Our brand new reading strategy for the next two weeks is Recalling Facts and Details. Recalling Facts and Details help to explain the Main Idea. The facts and details can be found in the who, what when, how and what in a story.

What facts and details have you found?


Reading Focus

This week we have been focusing on a new reading focus / strategy. The strategy is ‘Finding the Main Idea’ we believe that finding the main idea is about discovering the most importnt part of the story or text. You can find the main idea in the first sentence, the last sentence or by thinking about the text.

What books have you read lately and what was the main idea?????

We are Back!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone
We are back and already into our learning!!! We had a fantastic holiday but are ready to get back into our learning. This term we are learning about ‘ Building a healthy world’. For Maths we are working on place value and in literacy we are working on our journal writing and capital letters. Here are some things that we have learnt so far.