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This week we have been focusing on a new reading focus / strategy. The strategy is ‘Finding the Main Idea’ we believe that finding the main idea is about discovering the most importnt part of the story or text. You can find the main idea in the first sentence, the last sentence or by thinking about the text.

What books have you read lately and what was the main idea?????

3 thoughts on “Reading Focus

  1. Great blog 3K. I might need a few lessons on how to navigate my way around your blog. What is your reading focus for the next few weeks? I hope you are building up your stamina for how long you can read to prepare for Naplan. Make sure you are reading many different genres and learning how to read tables and diagrams! Can’t wait to see what you post next. From Mrs Hardy

  2. Hello!
    We have been enjoying reading your blog today!
    Some of us in 3MH have been reading Esio Trot. It is about a man called Mr Hoppy who loves a lady. But she loves her tortoise more. The main ideas in the story were deception, as Mr Hoppy wasn’t telling Mrs Silver the truth, another theme was loneliness because Alfie was lonely when Mr Hoppy took him. But he did get a new owner. We loved the story because it was exciting and we just didn’t want to stop reading it!

    Maybe you could read this book too! Have you read it before?

    We love the bright colours on your blog!
    From 3MH at Humberstone Juniors
    Leicester, UK

  3. Hi 3K

    We like your background on your blog because
    it is bright and colourful.

    We have been learning how to read procedures.

    From Riley, Daniel, Ronan, Cooper and Michael
    Upper Plenty P.S

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