Maths Focus

This week we are looking at 2 digit addition in maths. We have been discussing adding the tens column together and the ones to get our answer.

What are you learning about in Maths?

One thought on “Maths Focus

  1. Hi 3K,
    This week my class and I have also been focussing on addition. We all looked at vertical addition with renaming. Some of us found it a bit tricky but we all challenged ourselves and each other to try our best. We call it taking risks with our learning. Some groups got to look at vertical subtraction with renaming. For some our activities we got to play different maths games that all focused on addition or subtraction. We even got to use some awesome maths apps on our iPads. Next week we will be focussing on money. We look forward to hearing more about your maths foci.

    from 3A and Mrs Wolaniuk

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