Persuasive Text

In our writing sessions we are learning about persuasive texts and how to structure our writing. We think that persusaive writing is to persuade or argue a case, for or against, a particular point of view. We have been dabating on all different topics such as

  • Should students wear uniforms to school?
  • Do cats make a better pet than dogs ?
  • Should chilren do all the cooking at home?
  • Are books better than TV?


If you have any opinons or arguements on these topics or have some new topics for us to debate on that would be great and let us know!!



2 thoughts on “Persuasive Text

  1. A persuasive writing is a writing is to do think and buy and it is something I love . if you cant do it well here it is. maybe you will like it as well. frome Pehansa

  2. Hi

    my name is Eric we are doing persuasive writing. First is the title then is introduction then is the argments but you only need three then is the conlusion

    from Eric

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