Harmony Day

This thursday we are celebrating Harmony Day at Cambridge Primary School. We are going to dress up in our cultural clothes and the colour orange and celebrate all living together in this wonderful country. We are proud to day that just in our class we represent countries such as China, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Afghanstan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Inda, Fiji, Malaysia and many many more!  We are very excited for thursday and will show you the great photos soon!!

4 thoughts on “Harmony Day

  1. Hi 3K!
    This is Ms Narres writing to say that I hope you all had a fantastic Harmony Day! I had a great day with my grade 2NM. I loved seeing so many people dressed in their traditional dress and learning about different cultures. What was your favourite part of the day?
    Congratulations on your wonderful blog.
    Love from Ms Narres

  2. Hi 3K,

    How did Harmony Day go? Did you get to take any photos? I would love to see you all dressed up but maybe not in all that orange 🙂

    I hope all your NAPLAN practise goes well and I look forward to you blogging more soon.

    From Mrs Wolaniuk

  3. We hope you had a great day. We thought about where we are all from in our class, and there are children from, India, Malawi, Africa, Spain, Jamaica, England, Poland, Wales and many more places! It is great! We love learning about each other! We love your blog.
    33mH from Humberstone xxxx

  4. Hello 3MH
    Thank you for writing on our blog, it is great to hear from you! Where are you from? Harmony Day was such a great da and we had a lot of fun. That is fantastic that you have so many countries represented in your class.
    We will visit your blog soon

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