IN 3K we are wanting to read some new and exciting books. We were thinking that maybe you could help us with this. What is your favourite book at why? This will help us learn about new books that we haven’t heard of before! Thanks for your help.

Puppets Puppets Puppets

Our topic this term is PUPPETS!!! We are having a great time making all different kinds of puppets, at the moment we are making paper ones. We will post the pictures of our gorgeous puppets soon!! What type of puppets do you think we should make?

Athletics Day

Wednesday last week was our first ever athletics carnival. We are team red so we all got to dress up in our best red clothes and compete in running races, shot put, discus and hurdles. We had a blast!!! What was your favourite event? Have you had an athletics carnival at your school too?


To celebrate finishing NAPLAN and all the hard work we have done we are having a party! We are so excited to announce that all the grade 3’s will be coming to school in our PJ’S!! We will be watching movies, playing games , eating yummy food and having a great time together!

We will put up the photo’s soon, but first we would like to know what fun days you have had at your school?


Busy Bees

Hello Everyone,

We have been so so busy preparing for our NAPLAN tests that we haven’t blogged for a while. Don’t worry we will be back on board next week to tell you all about the exciting things that we have been doing! Stay posted

From 3K