To celebrate finishing NAPLAN and all the hard work we have done we are having a party! We are so excited to announce that all the grade 3’s will be coming to school in our PJ’S!! We will be watching movies, playing games , eating yummy food and having a great time together!

We will put up the photo’s soon, but first we would like to know what fun days you have had at your school?


22 thoughts on “PARTY TIME!!

  1. Hi 3k,
    I am NA from 3A.
    You are soo lucky, it would be really cool to have a PJ party. We also just had NAPLAN but we didn’t get a party. We don’t have that many fun days but we did have an On The Deck night, in which we launched the PYP. We also put on a presentation for our parents. What movie did you watch? Did you like it?
    From NA

  2. Hi 3k
    Your lucky that you finish naplan we didn’t get to watch tv play games and eat goods :(we didn’t get a party like you guys hope the party was fun

    From pierce b

  3. Hi 3k,

    COOL! you’re having a NAPLAN party. It is awsome to watch movies at school. We noticed that your nuts about MINECRAFT! on your old blog. Your blog is awesome we also love minecraft. When is your party?All we did was launching the PYP night but we will be doing some more fun things later in the year.
    By SR and ANS

  4. Hi 3K,
    It’s not fair that you’re going to have a party and you get to watch a movie and wear your pj’s. We haven’t done anything like that. I Wish I was in you school!
    Have fun with all the cool things especially with all the yummy food.

    Please update us with how it went.

    By SB

  5. Hi 3K,

    How did you all go with NAPLAN? We’re you feeling confident? I hope so. I miss you all terribly although I am very glad to see you blogging again. I was also very excited to see Zac and Phoenix the other day whilst we were all bowling. I hope our classes can blog often.

    From Mrs Wolaniuk

  6. Hi 3k,

    I wish I can come to the party, will I hope you have a great time and I really miss you guy. I want to know what you guys did when I wasen’t at CPS

    From your student Chanya [Pam]

  7. I had the most amazing day on our NAPLAN party we watched fiubber and we got popcorn and hot chips . have you hade some fun days?

  8. hi 3k

    i hope you
    all had a great day and what kind of chips.
    were there salt and was there tomato suace and
    musted with bqq sauce and i hope you are worm
    inyour pajames.

  9. HI

    I am Angela from 3k our party was the best and i hope some day at a other school there might be thousands of other cool school partys.

    From Angela

  10. Hi 3K,

    we watched the movie “Flubber” and it was very funny.
    During the movie we also had popcorn and it tasted the best. Later on in that day we also had some hot chips and it was t5he best bit of the day.

    From Sarah

  11. Hi my name is Kalam from 3k.
    On friday we had a naplan party and it was really asome because we got to waer our pajames at school ,watch flubber and have fishin chips for lunch.My favorite part was watching flubber.

    from Kalam.

  12. Hi Mrs Martin and 3A,
    Thank you for commenting.
    We had a great party. We played a lot of games, we watched a movie called flubber,and we ate chips for lunch.We had a great time!
    from Harini

  13. Hi 3A,
    My name is Qistina,

    IS PARTY TIME!!!! It was so so so so soooo FUN!!!! I were pink and white dots. If you have party and our school don’t you will have lots of fun like I do and our school will be sad like how you feel. My favourite part is eating popcorn. What is your favourite part of things you did? BY:QISTINA 🙂

  14. hi my name is phoenix im from 3k the party was cool and we watched a cool movie and we had popcorn and chips and wen the movie was finished we had free time and games and we got to were pj’s.

  15. Hi this is 3K,
    The last to week ago was a party day because we did nap plan and the teachers thogh we did a great job and we did.The day we had the party was friday and i wered One Direction and it the couler was Purple, Blue and Green. When we went in the class we done the roll then we went to the gym to wach the movie fluber and it was very funny and when we were waching the movie we had popcon and it was very butterry and Jess,TeriRa and i didn”t like it very much.When it was lunch time we had hot chips and they were very yammy and then we went back to our class and then i had to leave because i had a comp to go to and i got HM.

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