IN 3K we are wanting to read some new and exciting books. We were thinking that maybe you could help us with this. What is your favourite book at why? This will help us learn about new books that we haven’t heard of before! Thanks for your help.

14 thoughts on “NEW BOOKS

  1. To 3k,

    My favouite book is Clarice Bean uttly me because Clarice Bean says funny things about her teacher.

  2. Hello

    My favourite book is G-Force and this is my favourite because it has lots of action and lots of adventure and that’s why this is my favourite book.

  3. Did you know you can get books at the library and you don’t need money only a card and my favourite book is dairy of the wimpy kid and i hate dog days and i love the third wheel and my favourite part is when the have the date

  4. Dear 3K,

    My favourite book is Big Nate. I like it because Big Nate does lots of funny things. This will be a great book to read to your class. What is your favourite book to read?
    From: Lijana and Qistina 3D 3K 🙂

  5. Hello everyone
    My favourit book is Gabbie’s fair.The charecter I didn’t like Matt because he was bossy.I can’t believe Gabbie scemed.

    From Tanya and Kalam.

  6. Hello

    My favourite book is Gorges Marvolous Medicine.
    It’s my favourite book because I like the part when Gorge mixes the Medicines.

  7. Hello everyone my name is Abbas the book i like is the twits because it is funny and my name is phoenix and i like fantastic mr fox because it has lots of actoion.

  8. hello, everyone
    I love reading books and my favorite is diary of the wimpy kid,
    geronimo stilton,naugthy stories for good boys and girls, i like it cause funny.
    from yelo,

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