Specialist Debate

We are having a debate in our class about what is our favourite specialists. Some people say the like art where as other say that PE is definitely the best. To help us with our debate tell us what specialist you like best and why!!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    My favorite specialist is art
    because you can do any design you want.
    Also you can be messy after that and you can create things
    and recycle and reuse things
    From yelo and rhea.

  2. Hi 3k,
    my favourite specialest is art.my partners favourite specialest is PE.As well as liking art i like all of the speacialest.But art is still my favourite!
    same as me but i still like PE.
    By holly and monique ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello everyone,

    This is shaikayla and my friend Angela.Our favourite specialist is P.E we love P.E because we want to get fit and do lots of exersie and we love to eat healthy food.

  4. I like PE and ilke performing arts.

    I like PE because you dont get to do work.

    I like performing arts because you get to draw, dance and sing.

    by Pannya Chelsea Chamudini.

  5. Hello my name is Gian
    my favourite specialist is science this is because yuo learn experiments and we do geek of the week which is really fun. From Gian.

    Hello everyone my favourite specialist of all is p.e because i love sport because it is fun especially foot ball which is favourite sport I like thats why p.e. From Kalam.

  6. Hello,
    My partner and I like Art because we get to use clay and get to draw. We get to use materials to make things. We get to learn lots of stuf like painting,drawing and doing clay. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ From: Lijana and Qistina 3K 3D

  7. Hi everyone,
    We like like specialists alot!

    Hi it’s Linda & Harini we love art and performing arts. We like performing arts because we get to dance, draw and let our mind go free! We also like art because we get to draw and be creative!

    From Linda 3D & Harini 3K

  8. hello my name is stefan I like pe whats yours hello my name is phoenix and i like pe because its lots of fun as in high jump footy and stuff like that.

  9. Hello everdy I think peforming arts because you get to dance.My partener Madeline thinks science is the best because you can do an exsperement.We both like diffrent things what speicilist is your favourite and why

  10. My favourite specialist is P.E because you play sport like me I’m a sportarific means I love sport . My favourite specialist is science because you can learn more fun stuff this is our favourite specialist.
    lewie kelly

  11. Hello this is Jorden and Jordan
    We both like PE. Me my partner both like AFL thats what where doing in PE.

  12. Me and my partner jess likes all of the specialist but like pe the most because we get fit and we have fun and it is active. We love pe !!!

    from mia and jess

  13. Hi everyone,

    I am Amira and I like art but my partner Sarah likes P.E.
    I like art because it is very crafty. My partner likes P.E because there is lots of different types of sports.

    From Amira 3D Sarah 3K

  14. Hello my name is abbas i like pe because it is fun hi and now noah is going to tell you somethig at the moment we are dowing football

  15. Eric and Jagath love PE the best and want to have it for 4 horsurs and have are teachers for the next week.Also are theacher is called MR Fearman and he is about 35 years old. PE is the Best.PE should get the WORLD BEST THING IN THE WORLD and are teachers are good as well.Me and Eric are the worlds best fans of PE and are teachers.Eric and Jagath love PE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hi everyone,

    My name is Tanya and my favourite specialist is P.E because we can get fit , be healthy and also learn diffrent types of sports and my partner’s wants to share some thing to. My name is Pam and my favourite specialist is Art because you can learn how to make things and be crafty.

  17. Hi eveyone,
    My partner Ella FAVOURITE specialist is P.E because you get to different games,you get to do comps.My FAVOURITE specialist is Performing. Arts because you get to do dancing and you get to do diffrent games. By Keisha and Ella.

  18. Hi 3K,

    What a fantastic topic to have a debate on. I would have to say that my favourite subject would have to be art. I really like being creative and being able to learn about different artists, styles and techniques. I enjoy PE but I prefer Art.


    Mrs W

  19. Hi my name is Tarik from 2NM. This is a great debate.

    I enjoyed P.E the best because i like sport I really like soccer the best in P.E what do you like in P.E?


  20. Hi 3K and 3D, My favourite specialist is Science because I like to see experiments and that is fun. Does your class like Science?

  21. Hi everyone,
    This is a great debate.I love P.E because I get to do lots of fun stuff and sports. I love to play ‘clean up your yard’, poisen ball and knock out. Which specialist is the most popular?
    From Isaac Johns 2NM

  22. Hi my name is Alexander I really like your debet.

    I have enjoyed P.E because we get to play different sports like soccer and football and basket ball.

  23. Hi everyone,
    My favourite Speialist is Art because you get to paint and draw.We’ve been making three mini beasts some of us got to do a beaded dragonfly and Claude Monet’s art.Have you learnt about mini beats?

  24. Hi 3K,
    My favourite specialist is art and the times we have Mrs Votran. In art our teacher is Mrs Menhennet. What is your favourite specialist?

    From Lisha 2NM

  25. Hi 3K and 3D,
    I love the blog. Most of the grade like art and PE.Can you tell me what your class’s favoret spoort is?

    From Jiana 2NM

  26. Morni.ng 3D 3K, Me and 2NM fantasticly love your post!Ireally loved that you post this.Did you know that Sport, Art and Science because there all so magnificent. I remember when I played sports and I hit someone with a bat. I was so sad that I had to go to my room. What is your favourite sport?

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