12 thoughts on “Using Padlet

  1. Hi 3k and 3d I’m Tanya from 3d I loved the padlet because it was fun.My partner was Pam we liked the hand puppets.My mum likes the web site.

  2. Hi 3K and3D,
    I love your hand puppets because they are amazing.

    I’VE never made a hand puppet in my entire life.
    From RYAN.

  3. Morning 3K and 3D, 2NM and me magnificently love them puppets! I really that you wrote because puppets are really my favourite and i,m not jokeing. did you know that puppets can be made out of boxs. I remember i did a fantastic puppet show! I got 20$.50. Me and my fanmily were so proud of me. Do you know how many teyps of puppets are there?

    Frome Elynne and 2NM

  4. Hi alex and mathew,
    I love your steve puppet
    I’ve never made a hand puppet in my intire life.
    how do i make a hand puppet?


  5. hi Alex and Mathew,
    I really like your steve puppet it looks really cool. have you ever made a creeper puppet or a zombie puppet.

  6. hi alex and mathewm,
    I love your steve puppet.
    I have never made a hand puppet in my intire life.
    how do make a hande puppet.


  7. Hi everyone, my name is Tarik from 2NM.
    I like how you use padlet.
    My brother made some puppets when he was in grade 3. He made 3, one was a clown , frog and one was a soccer player.Can you tell me about one of yours please?

  8. To 3K and 3D.

    I love making puppets.

    Puppets are really cool.

    I have made a puppet before.

    How do you make cool puppets.

    From Meera.

  9. hi 3D and 3K , I realy loved your post. I made puppet to 5 yellow ones. What sort of puppet do you like?
    from Namira 2NM

  10. To 3K and 3D,
    WOW! Using pallet is awesome and I really like all your puppets, how do you make puppets anyway? If you can, please tell me

    Harry potter

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