What we know about Australia?

So far we have found out what you would like to know about Australia. Now we want to know what you already know about this fantastic country. List some facts like states, animals, the flag or even what you like about Australia!! Be Creative

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  1. Australia is a peacful place and there was a war before we were born. Tasmania is a part of Australia. 3k and 3D live on Victoria of Australia.Form Madeline

  2. Hi,

    We know Austrailia is guard by sea and I know why the flag is blue because there is alote of water around us.

  3. -a koala is a native animal
    -we have great schools
    -Queensland has lots of themeparks

    from zainab and chelsea

  4. Hi

    we know lots about Austraslia
    we know that there is lots of animals in Austraslia like koalas,dingos,Tasmnia devil and kangaroos.
    The Australias flag is all blue with red and white stripes our flag is awsome.

    From Shaikayla and Angela

  5. All the Australian animals are koalas, kookaburras, echidnas, wambats, kangaroos, emu and more. In Queensland I saw a fruit bat and it atacked me because i was eating fish ‘n chips, so i threw a chip at it.

  6. Hi everyone,
    The main animal of Austraila is kangaroos.
    There are 7 different states and there is NSW, south Australia, Western australia, Northern territory, Queensland and Victoria.
    The Australia flag and the New Zealande flag are a little bit same.
    By Lijana, Keisha and Ella

  7. what we know in australia is one of the most dangrouis animal is a cassowarry.Two states we know is melbouren and perth. Our flag coulers is blue,white, and red.

  8. Hello Everyone,

    Australia’s national animal is a Kangaroo. Also the largest state in Australia is W.A and the smallest state is Tasmania.

  9. Hi i’m Tanya and i know that our flag is blue,red and white and koalas and an Australin animal.I like our contry because it’s clean and beautiful.

    Hi I’m Pam and I know about how Australia was made. All the contry were comebine altogether an earth quake started and made Australia.

  10. This is Eric and Jagath the flags has the northen stars and has the flag of the flag of united kindom flag and it has three colours blue,red and white and the most colour is blue.Lots of people were born from Austrailia.We have a song.Austrailia is the 1st country ever and always will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mia asked when were the first people to live on autrallia jess askeds what creatied austalia and what the biggest dinos on australia

  12. My name is nathan and this is what I know about Austratalia.The states are Victoria,Queensland,New South Wales,Northern Territory,Western Australia and South Australia.I know two Cities Melbone and Parramatar Citie.Australia is a safe country and uses the third most common languange english. from nathan

  13. Hi Miss.Scott & Mrs.Deans,

    We know alot about Australia…

    We have a safe and wonderful country which is Australia!!!

    In the australian flag, there is three main colours they are red, dark blue and white. There is also a union jack.

    There is also lots of animals in Australia. They are:

    and many more.


  14. To 3K and 3D
    we know that the simbal on our flag in the top left hand cornner is the simbal of the brittan flag.

  15. Hi i’m Nathan and this is what I know about australia. There are 7 cities and 6 states I live in victoria and melbone. from Nathan

  16. Hi miss scott my name is Amira. i would like to tell some tell you some things i now about Austrailia.-One of the Australian Anamil is a dingo -And that one Australia mamal is a giraffe

  17. Hi miss scott my name is Amira. i would like to tell you some things i now about Austrailia.-One of the Australian Anamil is a dingo -And that one Australia mamal is a giraffe

  18. I know that a long time ago there were giant animals that used to live around Australia. Wombats and Kangaroos used to be huge.

  19. Hi 3K and 3D,

    I like the way some of you have wrote about animals, that they live aroundAustralia.I know that nocturnal animals live in Australia too. Have any of you been to Victoria. I have.

    From Lisha 2NM

  20. Hi 3D and 3K,
    There are lots of great things to learn about Australia. Australia is known as the ‘Lucky Country’. I want to know how many people live in Australia. Does anyone know?
    From Kayla

  21. Hi Miss Scott,
    I love Australia to. Australia is a great country.These are some of the states of Australia: Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Have any of your family members or family friends came fromr a different country to Australia?

    From Krisha 2NM

  22. Australia has alot of animals and it`s a very big country too. how much people are in Australia. i have visited Queensland.

  23. Hi 3K and 3D, Your blog was fantastic. Australia is very big and has lots of beaches. I like all the buildings. Do you like living here?

  24. Hi Miss Scott,
    I love Australia too. Australia is a great country and it is so big.Has a family member or a family friend came from a different country?

    From Krisha 2NM

  25. Hi everyone,
    This is a great post. Some native Australian animals are the koala sand kangaroos,
    I have been to Queensland. Have you been there?
    From Ashley 2NM

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