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  1. Hi my name is Jesse from 3s here are some three things I know about dinosaurs

    1.They are extinct
    2.Saur means lizard
    3.Dino means terrible

  2. hi my name is Lily 3 things I know about dinosaurs are…

    1.the size of a dinosaurs brain is the size of your knuckles.
    2.The three periods are Triasic Jurassic and Crutaceous.
    3. the three types of dinosaurs are Carnivores Omnivores and Herbivores.
    Thank you for reading my comment about dinosaurs people <3 Lily

  3. HI miss scott,
    i’m Abdi from 3s,
    i know a couple Dinosaures,
    there is the tyrannasaures, he is a carnivore,
    triceratops is a herbivore,
    and the tyrannasaures is the king of dinosaures.

    dinosaures got extinct by earthquakes and meteor dinosaures,
    mammoths where alive at the time of dinosaures,
    but they got extinct the same time as dinosaures,
    so those are my details.

  4. Hi my name is Matthias
    three things I know about dinosaurs are:
    -they are exctinct
    -they are bigger/wider than us
    -they can be carnivores ,herbivores or omnivores

  5. Hi my name is Yo say

    Three things i know abuot dinosaurs are
    1;They are extinict
    2;T’rex means terrible lizard
    3;Some of them are meat eaters and plants eaters

  6. Hi my name is Paige,
    Three things I know about dinosaurs are
    1.dinosaurs died out more than 65 million years ago
    2.there were three periods in dinosaur times
    3.the king of the meat eaters was the T rex

  7. Hi my name is Naturelle.3 things know about dinosaurs is

    1.Dinosaurs are exctinct.

    2.some are Omnivores sonme are Carnivores and others are herbivores.

    3.some had wings some lived in the water and some had sharp claws and lived on earth.

  8. Hi my name is Tiataia and what are you doing

    1. Carnivores are meat eaters
    2. Herbivores are plant eaters
    3.Omnivores eat meat and plants

  9. Hi my name is Drezal

    These are some I know about dinosaurs
    1.some dinosaurs have Big or Small tails.
    2.They have the same size bains.
    3. they all eat difront food.

  10. Hi my name is Kevin and i know three things about dinosaurs the first thing is i know Tyrannosaurus Rex means king of the tyrant lizards the second thing i know is the brain of a dinosaur is the size of a persons knuckle the third thing is a Stegosaurus has a frill made out of a bone so if someone tries to eat him by the neck the teeth will not touch the neck unless it’s a T-Rex.

  11. Hi my name is Dakota i know 3 things about Dinosaurs,

    1. that they are exctinct

    2. no one knows what colour they are

    3. dinosaurs lived 65 yeras ago

  12. hello i’m nathan
    I know two or three things about dinosaurs
    1.they meen terrible lizerds
    2.they lay eggs and
    3.thay are extinct(that meens there is no more) 🙁
    that’s the most I know about dinosaurs.Thanks for reading.

  13. Hi my name is Georgia

    These are three thing i know about dinosaurs
    1. I know dinosaurs are no longer living.
    2. They all eat differnt food.
    3. They all live on earth.

  14. Hi my name is Katrina,
    Three things I know about Dinosaurs are

    1.some scientists say that dinosaurs brains are about
    the same size of your knuckle.
    2.scientists don’t know what colour dinosaurs were.
    3.dinosaurs lived 19,000 years ago.

  15. Hi my name is Fahim

    These are three facts about dinosaurs
    they are extinct
    the one of the dinosaur peroid is Jurrasic
    scientists made there names

  16. Hi my name is Olivia.
    Theer things i konw about dinosaurs.
    1:Tyrannosaur-rex is the king.
    2:Dinosaurs are extinct.
    3:Dinosaur are terrble

  17. Hi my name is Bimasha ,
    these are three things that I know
    1.Dinosaurs are Extinct now.
    2.A Dinosaurs brain is as big as your knuckles.
    3.the Triceratops has three horns.

  18. hi my name is kareem
    here are some things i no about dinosaurs

    1 there extinct

    2 they lived for millions of years

    3 most of them are plant eaters

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