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This term our topic that we are learning about is Mini Beasts.

Here are some things that we would like to find out this year! Feel free to add some questions of your own.

25 thoughts on “MINI BEASTS

  1. Hi everybody,
    Our topic is minibeasts.
    We have been learning about insects and arachnids. Arachnids have eight legs and insects have 6 legs. Minibeasts are usually very small.Some are big and poionous.

  2. Zayaan- why do spiders eat flys
    Nishchay-Your the best teacher ever and did you know the Queen birthday is can be on all the days of june

  3. Hi listener,
    Hi Mss Sott,me and Eden have searched up the scientific name for The Redback spider,Tralantula and Orb Weaver.

  4. Hi,
    My name is Yash,
    today I learnt that Minibeasts have 6 legs and arachnids
    have 8. I hope you reqest.
    from Yash.

  5. Hi people that are listening
    we have been learning…
    .words instead of said
    .about people[such as star of the week]
    .writing narratives

  6. We are lerning about minibeasts
    .minibeasts have 3 legs
    .why do minibeasts have wings
    .why do minibeasts have the name minibeasts
    .how much eyes do flys have
    .why are some spiders poisonous
    .minibeasts have 2 wings
    .minibeasts are small

  7. This year we have done
    – lots of maths tests
    – We learnt about minibeasts
    – we learnt about working togeather

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