Our Excursion

On Friday we are going on an excursion. Here are some things that we are looking forward to seeing and things that we want to find out about!


18 thoughts on “Our Excursion

  1. Hi everyone,
    The grade two’s are going on an excursion to the IMAX theatre.
    We are looking forward to the excursion.We can not wait!!!!!
    I hope we learn lots of new things.
    See you later.

  2. Joel: I hope we have fun there. Lucas: I wonder what I’m going to learn there. Jayden: I’m already exited

  3. Hi,
    on Friday we are going to the IMAX theatre to watch the flight of the butterflies. Everyone is exited and can’t wait to go.

  4. a ant is a insect or a mini beast that can do evrything the hole world. i like bettles because they fly they are awsome

  5. Jamie:What movie are we going to watch?
    Nish:I am so exieted!!! : D and I am bringing 10000000000000000 thousond bucks jokes I’m not.
    Liki:Is it a minibeast movie?

  6. Our topic is minibests. on Friday we are going to the museum. I would like to know how long it takes for a butterfly to come out of it’ s crysalis. I would like to know the rarest species of abutterfly.

  7. How do butterflies fly ?
    How many minibeasts in the world?
    What do butterflies eat?
    Are insects better then arachnids?
    Are arachnids dangerous then insects?
    How can butterflies move?

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