Blogging Guidelines

I have borrowed this information from Mrs Yollis’ classroom as they are experienced bloggers. Thank you to Mrs Yollis.


How to Compose a Quality Comment

Content is key! In Mrs. Yollis’ class, they evaluate blog comments. A one-point comment is a general comment that doesn’t add very much to the post. Example: I like your blog. Please visit mine! A two-point comment adds something to the comment conversation. A commenter might compliment the writer in a specific way or add new information. Another idea is to make a connection. Maybe the post reminds you of an experience that you’ve had. Share that connection!  Try to end your comment with a relevant question. That way, an interesting conversation can develop.
Here is a video made by Mrs. Yollis’ students about How to Compose a Quality Comment!
It offers tips to help you take your comments to the next level!

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