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Welcome Everyone to Cambridge Primary School in Victoria, Australia. We are really proud of our school and can’t wait to share with you all the amazing things that we do here. Here is a little video showing you around.

Established in 1992, Cambridge Primary school is located in Western Metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria. With an enrolment of over eight hundred students the school represents over sixty different nationalities. The school has straight grades from Preparatory to grade six. During each day there are three main learning and working sessions, Literacy, an hour of Numeracy and two hours of integrated studies. Cambridge is committed to creating a caring, supporting and encouraging environment that fosters the safety and wellbeing of its students. With a strong discipline policy and a supportive welfare program, the school embodies its key values. Respect, Love of Learning, Resilience, Caring, Honesty and Positivity are displayed not only through the curriculum but through daily modelling. Cambridge PS policies and programs are based on the firm belief that all children will learn and grow as a result of:

  • Experiencing a diverse range of relevant and meaningful programs aimed at catering for the needs of each individual.
  • An environment which promotes safety, support and achievement
  • An environment that prepares students for their future endeavours both in education and the community
  • Developing a sense of responsibility and self-discipline, both as individuals and members of a group
  • Exposure to a wide range of cultures and beliefs that the school supports and acknowledges.

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7 thoughts on “About us

  1. Dear 3K,
    I hope we have lot’s of fun at the MCG.
    3K has a very nice man to show us around the MCG.
    One time when half of us were in the elevator the other half come on the elevator we were on and I laugh.
    When are bus come we has a photo of us of the MCG.

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